Set the correct FM band

Hello, unfortunately the correct band cannot be set? In Germany we use the OIRT band 87.5 to 108 MHZ. However, the device scans the band below 87.5 MHZ. This has a magical side effect in Germany. You can use it to listen to the BOS radio (police radio). It’s a bit lucky because you have to hit an active carrier exactly, but it’s annoying when scanning. Please change the software so that this area can be set! FM broadcast band


I guess you bought a device for Japanese market

No, I bought it in Germany and the problem is that the areas are different within Europe. The radio scans the range from 76MHZ to 108MHZ. The problem is that the frequency below 87.5MHz is still used for BOS radio. Eavesdropping is not allowed in Germany and recording is even punishable. This could prompt the Federal Network Agency responsible in Germany to prohibit the operation and sale of the device. With reference to § 5 in conjunction with § 27 Telecommunication Telemedia Data Protection Act - TTDSG!

I am happy to swap