Shameless self promotion!

Our new film teeth has a facebook page now. Feel free to join us. uuuuuusssss

It’s taken about 7 years to finish this in our spare time. We’re just starting to enter it into festivals and I’m all the colours of excite.

Great !

Very good appetizer :slight_smile:

Why thank you! Hopefully it’ll be in a festival somewhere near someone here - so they can go see it.

cool ! I checked out your work on vimeo. very inspiring! great to see there’s people out there with an artistic vision rather than a bunch of computer geeks rendering shite just for the sake of it. Now I’m curious how the whole film pans out… good luck!

Very cool, can’t wait to see whats its all about!

Oh yes, can’t wait.

Thanks @tasmansea

It’s good to hear :slight_smile:

‘Teeth’ looks way cool, look forward to seeing the entire film. @daninski, are you guys located in Budapest?

I’m in Budapest and my Directing partner is based in NYC. We we’re once both based in Wales.

Ah ha! I see you’re in Budapest too @jooga1972

Ah ha! I see you're in Budapest too @jooga1972

Yep, I am. Born and raised here. :slight_smile: I really love your animated works and it would just be great to have a film like that for one of our songs. We’re an electro-psych-pop two-piece outfit on a low budget…not very tempting I know, but anyways, if you think you could be interested just pm me and I’ll shoot a couple of links over to you…

Ha ha! If it didn’t take us 7 years… I’m not making anything for a while now :slight_smile: When are you playing in BP next?

Ha ha! If it didn't take us 7 years... I'm not making anything for a while now :) When are you playing in BP next?
OK, got that! :) We'll be playing on 18 Dec @ Kuplung in Kiraly utca at 9 pm sharp's a 3-band electro night and we'll hit the stage first

I’m going to be in NYC for work then, hot damn. I haven’t been to Kuplung yet, I don’t think.

We got in sundance with the teeth film :))

We got in sundance with the teeth film :))

Wow, great! :)

congrats @daninski!

I thought I’d hijack this ancient shameless self promotion thread for some shameless self promotion of my own!

I’ve started creating weird/esoteric/strange synth/tape/audio-electronics t-shirt designs and uploading them to TeePublic:

They are kinda niche though… definitely not going to be everyone’s (anyone’s?) cup of tea.
So far the only one I have sold is one I have bought for myself. :rofl:

I’m looking forward to seeing how well these images I’m making print onto t-shirts.
If people are interested I’ll post some images of it.