Share those pretty cases!

Just made this from scratch! It aint walnut but old ikea ivar shelfs. About 5 bucks total i reckon.

I just know a lot of you guys are doing this kind of stuff, would be cool to see all your designs!


It’s not custom, and it’s not my OP-1, but I was having a habit of losing black-on-black stuff to shadows on my desk and drawers, so I like to paint or customize my cases. Here’s my Dirty Wave M8 with its carry case. The trick I found was to seal the nylon mesh with Mod Podge “Dimensional Magic”, then use acrylic paint and Posca Markers to prime and color the areas.

Having a heat gun was good to also help set and adhere the paints to thermoplasitcs, experience I learned from watching “Crafsman” on YouTube

However I did swap my keys later for the black & white offerings from the DW affiliated keycap online store. The multi-colored packs were always sold out when I checked.

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