Shift + Mic key shows radio instructions but won't let me access anything?

I want to pick up sound via mic and then use it in the synth but I can’t get past that screen, anyone able to help?

SOLVED, I had no idea you could press the knobs.

press the knob that enables radio

That screen is quite baffling… it’s the only one that ever asks you to press a knob (I too had no idea you could even do that), and it’s also the only instructions “pop-up” I’ve seen so far. Anybody know what’s up with that?

iirc they had to put in an extra step to enable the radio, for legal reasons in some countries. (can’t have an automatically enabled radio receiver or something)

The encoder press, I guess they didn’t want to change the function of any currently utilized button, so they assigned it to an unused encoder switch.

All-in-all, seems like a bit of a hack, but they had to do something to abide by the law.

p.s. pressing green (i think) encoder on the radio tuner screen auto-scans between stations.

an EU regulation thing