Shipping from TE

TE has a great deal on OP-1s right now; 15% off!

I was going to buy direct but am curious how long it takes to ship to the US. Anyone have any experience buying direct from TE?

Otherwise I’ll see if another retailer in the US will price match.


Mine was despatched next day but took seven days to arrive in the UK

It took maybe 4 days for them to ship mine, and then another week for it to get from Sweden to the US. Mine is actually still in the mail, this is all very recent. Shipping across continents isn’t especially cheap, either.

Yeah, you should be able to price match one of the US retailers. Many actually will be having 15% off for Friday.

well I live in Hawaii and it arrived three days after I ordered it (from sweden)! I think that is a huge feat. they might have just been having a good week or probably dispatched all their packages on the day I ordered