Should i buy a 3 year warranty for $100 on a new op-z from GC

Hey guys
I bought two units that needed to be returned luckily within a week of one another

But it made me see the pitfalls of the Z

Should I buy a 3 year extension from Guitar center $95??

My unit is out for delivery so I have 45 days to do it

Would you think it’s worth the extra 95

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if you:

  1. can comfortably afford it
  2. are close by a GC store
  3. the warranty is hassle free

i’d prob do it

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honestly i’d just buy a second hand one. they’re incredibly cheap. fingers crossed but whenever the buttons on mine have played up I’ve either accepted it as the cost of working with something far cheaper than it deserves to be, or lathered it in deoxy for 24 hours. if i bought it expensively new i’d probably feel outraged. sometimes cheap can be a forgiving mindset!

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I did: I bought two. First was double trigger fest. Second one didn’t power on.

I had to buy brand new. Luckily I got in on sale ($50off) so I can put that toward the 3 year warranty

Even if the op z field is practically 100% in 2 years: I would be annoyed if I didn’t get it and to n something went wrong Or I might not even need/want the Z in a field form because I will have my op1-field in two weeks

So don’t buy op-z used: almost guaranteed they aren’t kept by owners for a reason

yeah i think its wise choice. i tend to be more on the cautious side but i think your choice was wise. if its going to be a larger part of your rig or musical process going forward, well then, you get what you pay for

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Thanks. I got the warranty for 3 years. Regardless if they come out with a field version in 2 years or not, I feel confident using it without fear of damage or anything.

The op-z is so rich, deep, and multi dimensional. I don’t even want to buy the field anymore that I see how much there is to work with on this. I am just learning this so I don’t want to overwhelm myself with two workflows when I should master the one that I plan to use everyday (and $2250+ for a field is a lot to think it’s going to be secondary to the op-z)

Now maybe the op-z field would be cool but im totally happy with the z as it is. Nothing else is like this , not even close, as son Wu said

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Pitch bend died on me on day 5. It just faded away with each press, until no more registering at all. Luckily I bought it from GC so I had the warranty as well, but less than a week! I’m having little luck with what had become my favorite musical piece of gear/device I ever owned in my 25 years of being a musician. (Mind you I just started doing electronic music in the past year only, the op-z is all I was looking for packed into one little solution)

God forbid my new replacement is a lemon, what would be the best alternative to the op-z? Is it the Yamaha SEQTRAK (despite it only having 7 key for notes) , seems to be the op-z closest alternative …. Any thoughts

I gotta be honest, I think it’s good I had the warranty because now I can keep the op-z for as long as I like and not worry about RMA For 3 years,( at which point the field will be out, if the rumor is true)

Have a good day