Should I return my OP-Z? Usb/midi dropout

Hello community of OP-Z lovers and haters!
Every it’s fine with my opz but the Midi connection with my novation launchkey mini only keep some minutes (or some notes) after that the controller’s lights still on but without midi signal. I must to unplug and plug several times.
I tried with the Kingston nucleum between but it’s the same problem.
My keyboard works normally with my laptop and i tried different cables and connections sequences.
Should I return my OP-Z?
Thanks for your help! And sorry my bad english grammar!

Nobody can’t help me? A little opinion maybe?

have u tried powering the controller externally? either via your hub or another way?

maybe not enough power from the Z to work reliably? :man_shrugging:

Finally I got a keystep and my OP-Z works fine with and without the nucleum hub… so the problem was the Novation keyboard!