Should I?

Thinking about getting something to pair with the my op1. Was wondering if the opz would be a good option for this. Or is there a better pairing someone would recommend ?

I have both and honestly I never use them together, for me the OP-1 is kind of its own island. But your question got me thinking again, and with the line module on the OP-Z I could also route individual tracks to the OP-1 for fx processing… I think they would complement each other well, OP-1 for making sounds and looping, OP-Z for sequencing one voice on the OP-1 and routing drum tracks to the 1 for crazy live tweaking fx.

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i mostly use them both together. you can sequence your stuff so its always on time, also the midi lfo is very useful. or you could get an sp404 and record your op1 with extra effects and all the features that come with that. i sequence most of my performance on the opz using the op1s sounds. I split every track in two so i have eight, then i record everything into a daw or the sp404. If you get past the sampling on the opz which is very laborious unless you have the ipad app then get that. If you have a guitar the sp404 can also be used as a guitar amp simulator. The opz is way more fun to learn though.
Also for me the line module is essential.