Should we request TE for open source firmeware?

Has noone ever thought about this?

I’m thinking if it would be a good idea if TE made the OP-1 firmware open source?

Imagine coding your own effects/engines/sequencers for the OP-1. This would open up endless possibilities and the OP-1 would be very well suited. What would you think about this?

I think it could actually happen if enough people were to make requests…

Why not, but I cannot code…

I heard they can’t make it open source because they used other people’s software in combination so there will be some copyright issues. It’s written by @TabascoEye in the custom firmware thread.

Well they dont have to open every layer. Just a port so we could create and load audio plugins.

go ahead… but don’t hold your breath

They’ll never do it, even after the OP-1 is discontinued… much like how Elektron will never open up the firmware for their discontinued machines. It’s a shame really, I’d love to see a custom Monomachine OS, for example.

@adge said:
Well they dont have to open every layer. Just a port so we could create and load audio plugins.

good point, that would be great

well its obvious right? We don’t need access to how the OP-1 handles audio streams or other core services. We just need a port to read and write the audio stream…

I get why this would be cool, but it’ll never happen

I totally agree that this would be cool, but I doubt it will ever happen. OTTO and Organelle are your open source alternatives. I really like the look of the prototype OTTO with the tape screen, but they apparently removed that feature… I really like the idea of the organelle but the box itself doesn’t look as cool as the OP-1 OP-Z or OTTO prototypes.

There will be another recording feature for the OTTO :wink:

@adge said:
There will be another recording feature for the OTTO :wink:

i agree with their reasoning. The tape is very much an op-1 thing. Copying it would not be very original, but it’s also open source so if some one really wants the tape they can buildit.

Yeah sure. However its just the visuals. A recording function is nothing more than saving a stream onto a buffer. A tape is a quite simple form of a buffer. So in the background if you record something it will also be stored in a buffer. Only the UI and controls will be different to stand apart from the OP-1. Its just functionality wise what the system does in the background: recording is recording.

You’re conflating patents with copyright. We’ll never get the fw. The legal overhead involved to even investigate the possibility would be enough to pay everyone in this thread a handsome salary. International Intellectual Property Law, especially pertaining to software, is madness

it’s not exactly bursting with OP1 patents… mostly could be because unlike the POs and OPZ, the OP1 itself offers nothing new. (?)