Shout out to all the Samplr users

So samplr have just announced an update and the most exciting part about it is that, it looks like they upgraded the midi stuff. Now I’m total midi dunce but the thought of the op-1 and samplr going back to back and in sync is dream like. Have any of you guys had any success merging the two worlds? If so how and in what kind of combination?

Thank you

Hey fellow Samplr brethren. What’s up. Yeah so…i just checked their FB page and the app store. It looks like this newest update is mostly bug fixes and some state saving features for audio bus 2. No new MIDI features. It does have MIDI sync but that has been out for a while now. I’m still scared to update to IOS 8 so i cannot confirm this for sure.

But to answer your original question :slight_smile:
For my latest setup, Samplr sits on the fx send on a 4 channel DJ mixer, but I return it to it’s own line as opposed to the return. The mixer’s routing matrix allows me to choose which input to sample. I can sample the op1 or a secondary iPad on the fly. My newer and faster ipad mini, which is what i use to play drums and synth, syncs the op1 and the iPad2 which runs samplr. It took me a long time to sync everything properly, but i finally did it. So i sample in measures or bars, stuff that i make in real time on either the op1 or the mini. Then i’ll crossfade into samplr, and in que, like a DJ, i’ll add onto or make a different beat and crossfade again, or cut back and form to make my own break beats. So i’m basically doing a faux DJ set.

The hardest part about getting everything to sync properly wasn’t figuring out which connections i needed, but finding out what to do in order to eliminate all the drifting out of sync. With so many variables in my setup, trouble shooting was a pain in the ass. i was about to throw in the towel after a week or two when i discovered it was my ipad2 and samplr itself. It can only handle running samplr stand alone. Under normal conditions i can easily run samplr along with another app or two but app switching when in sync throws everything off. Same with loading presets in samplr while in sync (even if tempo is the same)
But i can switch apps on the mini when synncing and everything stays put.

But you are right. It’s a great match. I’ve seen some nice ambient vids of op1 cats and samplr with a nice simple setup. I personally can’t wait for next year as loopy HD is getting a major over-haul.

Aye they’ve had midi-sync for a while.

It would be great if they would allow for midi cc control of all the parameters within Samplr. Fingers crossed for somepoint in the future!

@Blipsford_Baubie Wow! thanks for the lowdown. Can i just ask what you use to connect them? (iconnect, kenton, camera connection kit etc) really like the idea of using dj mixer. May have to dig mine out. One thing i’ve noticed that’s changed in Samplr, is that they’ve added a section called ‘midi clock input’ into the project section which is what got me typing in the first place… Thanks again.

@spacetravelmadeeasy that sounds awesome. bring on the future or that update at least. really dig the tunes you’ve made with the OP and Samplr on the tube. Well nice!

Shit sorry dude. For the iPad mini since it’s just a sound source, stock audio out and a CCK which runs into a powered USB Hub for sync. Then for the iPad2 the Alesis I/O dock for audio, and the iConnect Mio cable running from USB Hub to MIDI in on the I/o dock. (A simple USB A to USB B cable would also work). And then OP1 into USB Hub. The iPad mini is the master clock.