Show us your setup

Show what gear do you use with OP-1 & OP-Z :slight_smile:


Well i guess i’ll break the ice haha
Took this picture just now, trying to incorporate some live flute into my jams. The AKG p220 Mic runs into the H4n into a ditto looper (not visible) into the Roland micro cube. The Opz just has the arturia minilab mk2 plugged in, and goes into my monitors. I also have a usb c hub and a custom built opz interface. pic.

Here’s the line/guitar input interface i built

The ukulele on the wall was built by me and a friend and i put some cheap piezo pickups in it. I also have like 20 other flutes i made that aren’t pictured. Oh and i built that whole desk custom as well :upside_down_face: Theres a mount for a gopro over the computer and a tripod off screen for another camera.
That’s about it… whose next?


My Case in Progress. Should be done later today.


Push 2 and the Ob6 are peaking out of the corner of the pic, OP-Z is just to the left of Push usually. Off camera but ready hook up at any time are an MC707, Microfreak, Ibanez S6420, Maschine 3, Circuit, Octatrack, and TR8S.


such a clean room… :100:

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I am most definitely a neat freak, I think things clean and orderly. :slight_smile:

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wow…those speakers? they look to be two metres tall.

Almost! There is a 16" base below them, but otherwise they are pretty darn tall. And heavy, 200+ lbs each.

Tyler Acoustic Custom D2x’s.

My table setup is now complete with this 3dwaves stand that I got in the mail this morning ! :slight_smile:


Active battle station



bro wtf is that telegraph/morse code button thingy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
thats wicked

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Its made by Coppersound pedals! Great piece of kit, totally passive.

Last pic of mine, sold MD and ob-6 now, have a Pro 3 coming.


Wow! Big moves considering the cult following for both OB6 and MD. Pro 3 looks the business.

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Yes hard decision. The ob-6 I knew I’d miss , but a poly is a bit wasted on me , plus while the ob is very capable of a myriad of texture it’s still limited to certain extent , especially compared to the pro 2. The pro 3 is like the ob-6 I wanted and I’m not really a player so a mono is fine.

MD was a hard one because it was one of the last off the production line , so at least I got my money back on it. It’s unique and I loved the fm and pi drums especially. But the sampling was a rabbit hole for me and I spent all my time programming it rather than making useful sounds.

The Nord Drum 3 sounds so good I don’t feel like I miss it , especially as if Iget a Digitakt to sequence it.

I like that setup.
Is that a Jaspers rack? Like this?

How do you like it?

It is and I love it, save it had the 19 inch rack fixings which the screws weren’t deep enough for. Although my moto 16a is the only rack mount gear I have at the moment.
I actually ordered the A frame version and this would be enough for this set up, but for some reason they sent me this which is way more expensive.

I like this because it’s not too deep. Very happy they are quality stands and you can buy a ton of accessories for them.

Oh , yes it is that rack but came with the 19 inch euro rack add on.

Thanks. I have an old Ultimate A frame that is discontinued, but I think the parts are the same diameter. I need more capacity :slight_smile:
I’ll check out the 19 inch rack add on, too…