Sidechain Hack with Nitro

Did you guys know that if you put the input in tape mode on out/in and you use the follow encoder on nitro, in the synth effect menu, it will use the out/in source as a sidechain to bounce the LP or HP needles?

Im using the op1-f. Not sure if this works on OG op-1 too.


It’s an interesting use for the follow parameter, but I’m not sure you can call this sidechaining. Sidechaining involves two separate sound sources. Recording with out/in will add the original track to the mix and it will also “duck” the filter based on the loudness of the second track.

It’s possible to use Element to lower the volume of a synth engine based on an external source, but that’s also not “true” sidechaining unless you play the track externally and feed it back via some input. Also, Element LFO on Field seems to have a bit of smoothing, but I still think it’s too abrupt to sound like the “typical” compressor side-chain.

OP-1 could use a more direct way to control things based on track and overall volume.