Silicon cases!

Got my silicon cases today, very nice indeed, make the PO’s feel much nicer to use, so if you were thinking on them I say go for it, a little on the pricey side but the quality warrants it I think.

How do you feel about the LEDs?

Can still see them through the case, but not quite as bright I think, the viewing angle is a bit narrower now too.

It may be my browser, but I can’t seem to order a case direct from TE. Anyone else have any joy recently?

I really want one, especially because they have the icons on the top of the buttons (having them below the button confuses me, as I expect them to be above). Still, $39 is just wild, especially considering I got my iPhone Gameboy case on eBay for like $4 ppd, and I imagine that involved just about as much work to make. Also, you’d really think it would be easier to keep the cases in stock; they must be much simpler to manufacture than the PO units. showing LEDs

One main difference with these cases and gameboy/iphone silicon cases, is that these are much more substantial, thick and good quality, and not at all “sticky” and they fit like a glove.

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Strange. My GB case hasn’t felt sticky, and I’ve had it for over a year now.

Excellent demo video, by the way. Thanks much for that!

I’ve got my package with the ordered silicon cases today. I’ve opened it and…what’s that??? PO 12, PO 14 and PO 16… they send me a second time. Thank you TE. Another 3 units for the price of 3 cases. :smiley:

Got my cases today! never got a shipping notice.

They have little lanyards on them! :heart: I don’t remember that from the description.

As suspected, my case has already been attracting a lot of lint right out of the box. eek

Anyone think I can spray paint these? I think I’ll try priming it and then lay down a few coats.

@kites a really bad idea to spray paint!

@dimi3 I read that oil based works out better, or plastidip, something that flexes. Know any?

Plastidip is probably a good shout but not sure how any paints or solvents or rubbers will react with the silicone though.