Simple question, how do I sample a Rhodes?

Hi, I just had my OP-1 for a week and all seem logical and working but…

I cant get my head around the synthesizer sampler engine. It works fine for me when I upload a 6sec .aif from my computer into the OP-1 synth/user-folder but thats not what I want to do. What I was hoping to do is to simply plugin my Rhodes piano into the record-input on the OP-1 then record a 6sec sound and then play it over the piano keys, thats it :slight_smile:

I actually do rtfm but the manual is strange on this subject, at chapter 17.1 you can see the synthesizer sampler engine but when you look at chapter 5.2 its no where to be found?

Can you help this newbie out haha

Writing It once more down and looking back at the manual from a different perspective made me find the solution in chapter 12.4

Im really new to sampling as I only used analog synths up till today, so I really have to change my mindset on how to approach things, i really like it and it is extremely refreshibng, yep the OP-1 is something on its own, it doesn’t wanna imitate it wants to intimidate

Have you tried plugging it in directly? It seems like maybe you would need a DI or something to get the Rhodes from guitar level to line level. Maybe an effect pedal?

If the question is simply “how do I use the sampler,” then check out this: