Singing with a PO-35?

I don’t own a PO-35. I’ve been interested in getting one to augment my singing and I’m especially interested in the “autotune” voice that it has for samples.

I’d like to hear what an “autotune” sounds like for someone singing. I’ve been looking around on Youtube and haven’t found a simple video of someone simply singing into the PO-35 and then replaying with the “autotune” voice.

Any suggestions of videos? Any sound demos out there that you’d recommend? I’m specifically looking for augmenting singing rather than making drum beats. Of course I’d love to know if this use-case is off-base for the PO-35 to begin with…

I think prechorus part I used the autotune feature, hope this help a bit.
In about two weeks I’ll have another song with PO-35 autotune.

Thanks @HOLY, that’s a good example! I like the sound :slight_smile:

No worries,
I give the PO-35 a thumbs up…and I agree, it’s quite weird that so few people are using the autotune on it, considering its such a popular sound.

For those that find this post, I found another video that is really informative here: