single octave midi keyboard?

Hey all, I’m looking for a small single-octave midi keyboard (not usb), but they seem to be surprisingly hard to find. The best I’ve managed is the patchblocks keyblock ( which also requires a patchblock and midiblock. Any suggestions? I’m hoping for a very portable device that I can just plug into any desktop synth I have to add a keyboard, preferably with actual buttons.

Ignore everything. Misread your midi only specification.


Or delve into the future with lasers not sure if vaporware though.

CME XKey too large for you?

A bit on the expensive side but the critter and guitari pocket piano midi has it :slight_smile: + of course the great synths sound inside ! Ordered one last week !

thanks for your responses! The cme xkey is definitely larger than I’m looking for, especially since I notice that only the larger one seems to have midi out.

Here is another small keyboard that’s similar to patchblocks:

The purpose of a keyboard this small is that I’m trying to create a portable set, and I just need something as small as possible to be able to occasionally noodle a lead or two. The C&G PP really covers the simplicity, but at almost 10" wide by 2.5" tall, is still quite large.

yamaha qy70?

Maybe a Volca with the Midi out mod?
(edit: originally had the video for the Beats but the mod is available for others with a “regular” keyboard too)

The Casio GZ-5 is not easy to find, but it’s probably the smallest keyboard with midi-out you will find. It’s more than one octave but has mini-keys. The Rock Band controller runs on batteries and has a midi out, but it’s fairly bulky. Still, you can find them pretty cheaply.

The Alesis Q25 is fairly compact and has a MIDI port

The Yamaha MU5 has two octaves of little chiclet buttons

How about Casio and Yamaha consumer keyboards from the 1980s? Like the psr line. Most have midi and some even have excellent FM synthesis
Or my favourite small keyboard of all time…the yammie dx100. They’re a little pricey now.

I have the Keystep, Pocket Piano, and Q25 for my small solutions but it sounds like those are all too big.

Since it sounds like you want tiny…thinking out loud…what about something like an iOS app > USB camera connection cable > USB 5 Pin cable?
I know it’s not real keys…
Or Korg Nanokey + MIDI USB Host?