Sketch sequencer changes tone of synth?

Hi all, im not sure if this is a bug or if its just one of the compromises the engine has to make in order to render the sound through the Sketch sequencer, but i noticed that if i have the Sketch sequencer enabled, simply enabled, and then i navigate to say the FM Cermon synth preset, the sound of that synth is quite different, almost as if its compressed or overtones are removed. Try it:

Go to the Sketch sequencer and make sure it is enabled, then go to the Synth screen and select the FM Cermon. now simply play a few notes of the synth and then toggle the sequencer off and compare the sound of the same few notes. i hear a pretty distinct difference in the tone/texture of the notes.

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I just messed around a bit with the sketch sequencer on my OG-1. It seems like the playmode is effectively changed to mono when the sketch sequencer is enabled, which would definitely change the sound of a synth if it’s usually unison. Is it possible that’s what you’re hearing?


wow yeah you know what it sounds an awful lot like its being turned into a mono or unison type sound. thanks for this.

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