Slave PO's to OP-1, run splitters off of PO's, need 4 3.5mm inputs? OPLab is solution?

So from what I understand the PO’s have some audio fidelity issues when dealing with master/slaving with each other. I’d like to split off their audio in parallel but keep the click track in sequence to through the OP-1. The problem I’m seeing with this setup is I have 4, 3.5mm audio inputs that need to go somewhere and I’m wondering if the OPLab is the solution for that. Though I’ve noticed the OPLab only has CV(?) inputs? and only 2? I’d for all of these outputs to end in my laptop. I’m still learning these things, so if someone is able to explain why this doesn’t make sense or n00bish I’d really appreciate that!

Video reference:

In the next OS release they should fix the control of PO’s by OP. for now the OPLab helps for you have or Get @DarenAger’s “SHIELD” I think he called it a lab-coat… another way is via and iPad running an app from Korg called KontrolSync. and connecting the iPad to your OP-1.

the way these things work is a “click” sound is sent to maintain tempo. this click at the moment comes out of the OP-1 as an inverted wave.

Has anyone tested a Belkin Rockstar sending a split sync signal from a Korg Volca to the pocket operators? I would test but only got one PO and I seem to have misplaced my Belkin...

If it works though all you'd need for sync'd up goodness would be a couple of Belkins and some sync leads.