Slow response from TE regarding repair

I was just wondering if anyone else has had trouble getting a response from TE regarding a hardware repair issue? My OP-1 won’t go past the boot screen because, as I discovered after running a function test, the COM button isn’t responding, so I think it thinks I’m holding it down all the time. Anyway, I E-mailed TE about this, and they sent me a form to fill in, but since then, about a week ago, I haven’t heard anything back. Is this common? I’ve not had to get in touch with them regarding anything before as I’ve been problem-free. Unfortunately I’m out of warranty, also, so when they do get in touch I’ll have to pay a fee for repair. Anyone got any hints? Perhaps there are some UK-based companies that offer OP-1 repair? I’d appreciate any help or advice anyone could give me as I’m really jonesing for some bleeps and bloops!

I can only help you in the “response from TE” part of this thread. Were not totally sure but the number 40,000 has been tossed around regarding the number of pocket operator orders. So I wouldn’t really expect a quick response as I’m sure(and sure as hell hope so) they’ve got their hands full with hate emails and fulfilling orders. Hold on tight man they’ll get back to you, it may just be at a snails pace.

I WOULD expect a timely response!
Regardless of whether they are launching a new product or vacationing, picking their nose, or doing whatever they are doing!
It’s their product support service and they ought to respond to their customers in a timely fashion.

God dammit TE

Still no response! Gah!

Contact them as “Business” that seems to be the only reliable way to get in touch with them. As for the form they sent, I can’t really say, but at least you might be able to figure out where it is in the process.