Sluggish keys on the op-1

Hi! I bought an op-1 about 2 months ago. The “First” one I got had off-centered keys and buttons and restarted itself whit the slightest rub to the power switch.

So after dealing with the horrible support of teenage Engineering (really don’t wanna get into how long it took for them to reply to every message I sent them) I dealt with their Instagram. They were way more helpful.

Finally I got to send it back and just received a new one.
The new one seems to work fine, however, the 1/set start loop button and the play button are a bit sluggish. If I don’t press hard enough they won’t respond. Now it’s not as bad as it sounds, it’s like okey, almost bearable. I just don’t feel like returning the device once again. Like I don’t wanna go through the hassle of communicating with the awful support. So I’m asking you guys. Should I go through the hassle or should I keep it? Is it a common thing that you’d get a unit with one or more keys feeling a bit sluggish?
I mean I payed a fortune for this device I want it to last forever. What should I do?

“restarted itself whit the slightest rub to the power switch” - this made me smile, sorry. I had the same issue on an old unit - amazing to see that this issue still persists in new products. My only advise is to buy new from a dealer with good support like Thomann, if you are in EU. Personally I’d probably return it.

Oh i see! So it’s not uncommon. Well I live in Sweden and still have about 11-10 months of warranty since I bought my first one and sent it back and got this new defected one. I contacted them about 3 days ago, very slow as usual. Hopefully they’ll trade this one in for a working device. Like I wouldn’t even mind them opening up my op-1 before sending it just to quality check the unit. I mean two defective units in a row isn’t looking too good