Small and cheap audio interface?


I´m searching a really small, portable and cheap audio interface (bellow 100 euros) to record some beats in a trip I´ll do next month. What do you recommend? :slight_smile:

Are you on Mac or PC?

There’s this little Behringer guy:

It’s like 30 USD and portable. I’ve had my eye on it for recording to my iPad on the go, though I’m not pumped about the RCA jacks.

I use the UCA222 (the same as the UCA202 but red!) and it works great for it’s intended use, i.e. cheap and cheerful way to get audio into my iPad. I agree on the RCA jacks. But! It’s cheap as chips.

Rad. I’m going to pick one up.

Can hook that behringer to your android phone if you have “on the Go” USB cable as well.

meh the uca is annoying and kinda noisey. have to get converters. so portable ive broken several. lol. i prefer the $30 plus cheap full size mixers. but even then. currently i just use an 8x8 audio interface for all my routing and then do the actual mixing digitally. I think its behringer who also makes some huge mixers at 16 tracks wide. but the newer ones can record to USB. sometimes i dont want to deal with a computer. but want all 16 tracks recorded seperately. but since my audio interface works fine i havent bought the large mixer yet. one day.

Funnily enough that’s why I asked Mac or PC.

Buddy has a Mac Mini and due to the benefits of Core Audio bought this:

Seems ok too but suspect the drivers on PC would be pants.

I also use a UCA-202 to get audio into iOS devices via CCK. I use it to record my sets to iPhone 5 with a free Tascam PCM recording app (stereo .wav)

I don’t find the UCA-202 output to be any better than the headphone out on my iPad Air, however.

The headphone jack on it is nice for monitoring the inputs though. The optical digital out is serviceable for getting audio between an iOS device and a computer with optical input, with no loss in quality.
It’s too bad the OP-1’s audio input isn’t combo analog/optical, like my 2009 MacBook Pro. I would love to get Patterning’s drums into the OP-1 without conversion loss, in realtime, and not have to go through the computer to make an .aif.

i thought i was the only one who still used firewire. at teh tiem it was one of the only ways to get multitrack recording! for 10 bucks ill be picking on of those up for my mac!! wooot.

+1 UCA202, user. I use it with iPad mini. Hint: You can hard pan 2 tape tracks and use it as 2 separate mono tracks in your daw with separate fx chain.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo advertised for £52 on another forum I'm a member of:


Seriously just had my UCA222 delivered before reading this post, haha. I also have a UCA202. These are so useful and reliable. Using the 222 as an audio input for video recording with my ipod, but they come handy for sampling and monitoring. My main interface is an audio6, but direct monitoring becomes a pain sometimes, where the 202/222 have no problem.

Hello guys,

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: This forum is always amazing. I´ll get the UCA 222 (sexy red!) to record the Volca Sample, Pocket Operators and the OP-1. <3

Another great bonus on the UCA 202/222 is the core audio compatibility. This makes it great for using with iPhone or iPad as a stereo line input device when recording video, used in conjunction with the Apple Lighting to USB Camera cable (aka Camera Connection Kit.)

If you’re an iOS user, say bye-bye to crappy phone mic audio in your videos. :slight_smile:

^ Yeah, that’s what I do. Only issue is I can’t really use my iPad for audio apps when using as a video camera. I need another iPad! :S

^ Yeah, that's what I do. Only issue is I can't really use my iPad for audio apps when using as a video camera. I need another iPad! :S

I use the Movie Pro app as it recognizes my UCA222. It also has an audio meter to check your levels when recording video.