Small Operations (TE Fan Podcast)

Cheers to all and much love to all that are listening and enjoying Small Operations podcast. Episode 16 is now available! An interview with Yuri Wong, frekvens fun at Ikea, and more great music made with Teenage Engineering instruments! Wherever you listen to podcasts! :heart::pray:


Small Operations 17 is live! Interview with Blezz Beats, the winner of Small Ops Contest 3 is announced and tons of great music made with @jugendingenieur instruments!


Great stuff, as usual!

Thanks @HOLY !

I’ve just started listening from Episode 1. Currently on Ep3.

Very much enjoying it thus far, please keep it going as I’m sure I haven’t even heard the best of it yet.

If you ever want some examples of non-standard music produced on the OP-1 or OP-Z let me know as I’ve had a few successful experiments getting the devices to emulate bands instead of DAWs.

Thanks so much!! Hey, send me something to check out! smalloperationspodcast at gmail dot com :pray::beers: