So far so good with Tascam DP-24SD / digital mixer recorder but no MIDI

So I bought a TASCAM DP24-SD a few weeks ago. It’s a digital mixer and recorder. DAW-less and nicely old-school as far as having faders and knobs. I’ve been avoiding the DAW world for a few years now.

Anyway, so far so good. I’m taking my time with it. It DOES have a learning curve. I’m going through this nice of tutorials from Phil Tipping here:

I also recommend videos by PowerCoat Music and Woven Chaos about this unit.

One thing this model does not have is MIDI. I do have MIDI syncing going on with other music-making gear, including the OP-1. But for right now, I’m not going to fuss with it. There is a whole world of old-school MIDI Tape Sync I could explore, as described here:

But, again, I’m not going to mess with it now, unless folks here strongly recommend it.

Anyway, I still plan on the OP1 being a key part of my music-making, especially initially song sketching. Scratching this itch to get the Tascam for the next step in recording seems a good move.

Anyone else use these units?



I’ve been using the dp-32sd one for some years now. Simple, reliable, great sound. Never needed the use of midi with it so its not a problem. Built quality is also ace (unlike some devices that are more expensive…ahem…op-z!).

Glad to hear you like it, Jim!