So - is the OPlab working by now?

Hi OP-Peeps. Just wondering: Is the OPlab working now as advertised? I would love to integrate the op1 with a modular synth to fire samples in time with the ever shifting modular clock…

fingers crossed

It sure seems to be with the v861 (2.0) OS.

My experience with the Oplab was great, but never used the CV at all. This is where I’ve heard the problems lie. Any modular maniacs out there have any words of warning? P.S Always a treat when YT stops by. This dude is one of the illest ever on the OP-1 so peep his Soundcloud if you are not up on game.

I have (I think) the latest version of the firmware and I sometimes need to reboot it to get CV working right. It’s not a big deal unless you want to use it live.

@borden: Can you describe in more detail how it doesn’t work right?

Hi @jon. The leds next to the CV/Gate out will light up when trying to send signal from my op-1 (or whatever device) but no actual CV is being sent. If I restart the op-lab, this seems to go away.

What device do you use as a MIDI master, and how is it connected (USB? MIDI?)

You say that it goes away when you reboot. Have you noticed when it starts happening (eg after not using the oplab for a while, in the middle of sending notes, after connecting a new device, etc)?

Also, please check whether it affects both CV channels (note and mod wheel/cc1) or just one.
Use mode 0 when testing, and of course make sure that you’ve selected the right input.