Soft reset?

Hello, I’ve been piddling around with my OP-1 this afternoon and I’ve been wondering during casual tinkering including erasing preset drum patterns and synth patterns, whether there is a soft reset for these things so I don’t have to totally factory reset the whole device If I want the original pattern settings back again?


I was looking for the same thing. Anyone?

You have to hold com when powering up…I think , then choose an option - from memory.

This will wipe everything. All stored presets etc.

Spheric, thanks for responding, but your suggestion is just Option 7/factory reset. I was hoping there was a less drastic way of resetting individual pattern settings if the situation requires it. I’m supposing that such an option doesn’t exist.

OK, I’ll try reframing the question…is there a way of NOT deleting presets in order to create new drum and synth patterns?

Haha ,yes sorry.I Was a bit squiffy when responding (drunk) and could sense ,subconscious , I may’ve had it wrong.
I don’t this there is another reset on most sequencers.
(Apart from sketch, where we can undo deleted lines by reversing direction of shift&blue).