I have an unused PO-16 I’m looking to sell at cost price. I’m not looking to make anything off of it, just what I paid for it - £60 (+ postage)

I have carefully opened the packaging (down one side of the perforation) to confirm the PO-16 runs and the screen is 100%.

Anyone interested? (I’m in the U.K)

EDIT - Sorry, typed the post on my phone (stubby thumbs) and put in the incorrect price.

What condition is it in? Does price include postage? Any pics. I’m interested.

I’m in uk.

Here I am I’m in italy! Paypal available right now

Sent messages to both of you.

@swam argh, cancelled TE orders, was going to wait until could buy with cases and I have failed my first test. Please tell me it’s sold… :wink: