Soldering USB mini to MIDI DIN Cable for Clock Signal?


I’m looking for a way to integrate my op1 into my setup. All I need is to sync the tempo with other devices. I dont want to spend 100+ on a usb-midi-host just to get the clock signal out of the op1.

So I came up with the idea to solder a usb to midi cable just to transmit the clock signal. I’m not so familiar with the technical details, i guess it’s not possible but I was curious enough to make some research if something like that exsists – i did not find anything.

that’s why i’m asking the collective knowledge of this forum for help…

thanks in advance!

unfortunatley doesn’t work like that
the host is necessary to tell the devices how to communicate

you obviously know much more about that but when i connect my arturia keystep to a speaker i get that pulse noise from the clock. would i get the same from the op1?

midi is a digital serial communication protocol, the pulse you’re talking about is analog sync pulse. they don’t work the same way at all, for any usb midi there is a series of bits that is being sent in a serial fashion to denote the note on, pitch, velocity and other information that is then translated at a speed of 9600 ticks (baud rate)

shoving a random pulse into a usb is not gonna magically work. it’ll only break your gear if anything.