[SOLVED] Op-1 no sound when plugged to Scralett 2i2

Hello !

I just bought my Op-1 and i’m experiencing a weird issue when i plug the audio out to my interface Scarlett 2i2.

The thing is, if i plugg the jack 3.5mm all the way in, in the op-1’s out, there is no sound. i have to plug it half-way to get a sound, and i’m not even sure i get the full signal…

That’s super annoying because the wire removes itself anytime i move the op-1 a little bit

I have tried a lot of different wires, and 3.5mm to 6mm adapter (the scarlett’s audio in are 6mm), allways the same problem.

When i plug my headphone on the op-1 though, everything seems fine.

Does anyone as experienced something similar?

Make sure you are using a stereo TRS mini jack in the OP-1 split into 2 mono TS jacks into your 2i2.


Yay for getting an OP-1!

As cloudburst said, are you using a 3.5mm TS instead?

Have you tried to plug another hardware to the same jack in on the scarlett ? Which line in do you plug ? Front or rear panel of the 2i2 ?
If not, you should try, and maybe check the mix control if there is one for this scarlett model.

Alright, just switched to a TRS mini jack split into 2 mono jacks and it works just fine.

Thanks for the help.