Some issues and questions with a new Op-1

I’ve had my op-1 for a week now and it seems to be having some issues out of the box. When I turn on the op-1 there is a slight glitch on the right side of the screen. It’s just a quick moment but it does not seem normal for a new op-1. Secondly, when disconnecting the op-1 from the computer for the first time the machine shut down and I received a “Defragmenting disk” message. I’ve heard this isn’t uncommon with 2-3 yr old op-1’s so i’m a little worried to see it happening to this brand new op-1. Is this an issue?

Thanks guys! I love the instrument

Seems normal to me. Which OS version is installed? The screen glitch is a known minor issue of version 220.

The disk fragmentation always runs when you alter files in USB DISK mode, especially the tape tracks.

Thanks motone!