Some new-ish presets

3 of my favoritest presets from the last 6 mos. Enjoy!

Would love to hear some examples (helps me get through the work-day :slight_smile:

Niice. Gonna take some time to sort my presets outs and upload these aswell!

Nice! I really like pedal steel. Works well with Arabic scales.

@sammyjams i download them and when i play the audio theres a voice saying “op1 patch” :frowning: I was looking foward to listening to those sounds, i like the way you called them. If i can do anything to listen to them please let me know! Thanks! best of luck

I think that suggests you’re listening to them on your computer with an aiff player. If you load them onto the Op-1 as synth patches, you should be able to select them and play them inside the op-1.

Sorry for the bump, but I'm confused.. the manual says the following:
"sound presets use a special OP-1 version of the .aif format, which includes both a sound preview and synthesizer data."
Was this a feature at some point but it was taken away? Or a feature yet to be implemented?

There is such sound preview when the preset actually uses a sample.

When it’s a synth preset other than sample, you get nothing, it’s pure data.


If you create a aif sample on your computer then it is just an aif sample.
you can then take it into the OP-1 and I think it still stays an aif sample as long as you do nothing to it.
I think it’s only when you start to add say effects, LFO, ADSR then re-save this sound as a preset within the OP-1 it will then create a special aif file that also contains the synthesizer data.

@spacetravelmadeeasy Not sure about this.

I think that as soon as the synth patch contains a sample, you can preview the sample directly in VLC for instance. Even if effects have been used. I think they must be stored as a AIF metadata.

But I might be wrong…

@LyingDalai @spacetravelmadeeasy

Yeah, I’m aware of the samples being previewed, but the wording in the manual suggests that a preview of the synth sound gets saved with the patch, if you use one of the synth generators and not a sample… it’s just confusing as to why it’s an aif file when all it contains is a voice synth saying “OP-1 PATCH”. Seems like a waste of space to me!
Sound presets use a special OP-1 version of the .aif format, which includes both a sound preview and synthesizer data. in other words, the OP-1 synthesizer engines are not sample based but modeled sounds.
So yes indeed, there should be a sound preview. Maybe some abandoned programming track...

@LyingDalai yeah, it’s a shame it doesn’t work as promised. It’s not a big deal, just a bit of an inconvenience when trying to name presets (I had to take notes)