Some patches are out of tune?!

Hi. This is baffling me. I followed the usual method of sampling “sounds” on C, and then bringing that into a sampler for the sampler to automatically transpose. Somehow, the sounds I imported using this method are just out of key! Not sure what is going on… Is there something special I should be doing to make this work? Appreciate any insight or tips on this… I was sampling my sounds from my external synth.

Hi! Have you tried Shift + Metronome (I guess) on the Main page?

That’ll show you if the synth is detuned by cents or notes.

Everything is zero. This seems to be only happening to my own patches, so I think it’s something wrong with my method of sampling.

OK… seem to have solved this… I had to transpose my samples to C3 and then bring them back in. That did the trick. Apparently I had sampled these at C2 instead… good to know from now on. :slight_smile:

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I think z is expecting samples in a-something?

weird that the OP-Z would want things in A.

Agreed, but just double checked manual.
Test tone for reference during sampling (by pressing track key during sampling mode) is 440 hz, middle a.

its something to do w/ the metadata.

the OP1 is the same way.
if u sample it in, it does C, (or maybe the key that u press to initiate sampling…?)

if u just load a file in that doesn’t have this parameter filled in in the metadata,
it will default the metadata to A.

not sure why they chose this behavior. as defaulting to C seems to make alot more sense

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