Some people like videos- other's like reading. Here is the BLOG form of OP1 vs OPZ // Which one is right for you?

This one’s for all of you readers out there. OP1 vs OPZ // which one is right for you?


If there’s one thing I always want to flag loudly about the OP-1 when comparing it to other gear (and perhaps isn’t obvious to those considering the OP-1) is that although you can have multiple instruments playing as recorded audio on the virtual 4 track tape machine, you can only sequence one instrument at a time. Not saying you don’t say this in your blog post, but I just think this is a big difference with other gear and needs to be flagged loudly!


Yeah that’s true a lot of “do it all” type machines as well - it’s basically a tool to punch in individual instruments.

BTW, a great big THANK YOU for putting this out as a simple text blog. TE’s general emphasis on doing everything as a stupid video is something that drives me crazy. Give me a detailed, well-written manual and I can generally find the information I need in ~30 seconds. Having to wade through another 14 minutes and 30 seconds of some dingbat pretending to be a YouTube celebrity just to get the data I’m looking for… well, that’s simply an aggravating waste of time.

And, as an OP-Z owner, it was nice to read a couple of things about which I was not aware on the OP-1. Nice comparison. :grin:

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Hahahah you’re welcome- at the same time I feel like you’re taking a shot at someone like me who is a Youtuber lol.