Something different with the OP-Z: New Indie Alt-Pop Song

Hey friends,

I’m excited to share this brand new single from my band with y’all.

I’ve co-written, produced, and mixed it, with the following elements coming from the OP-Z

Main drum loop - kick, snare & hats

Recorded into ableton tweaking the tape track pitch to create warbles & de-tuning throughout.

I love hearing everyone’s work with the OP-Z & hopefully this song is a little something out of left-field for y’all to enjoy.


Very nice to hear something different coming with an op-z ! Totally dig it

Thanks so much! I’ve been busting my hump to get new music completed. Actually I just remembered that I used the Z on this one from January too. I sample a pitched wooden drum and used it on the arp track Spotify kinda like Enya meets flume haha. But my mix sounds so mushy. Oh well - I’ll keep working on my productions :open_hands::open_hands::open_hands:

any other way to listen?

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I love the track!! Are the drums on Tiny House programmed on the op-z too?

Hi Jasl, yeah for sure - there’s that YouTube link above, or here’s a Bandcamp link & Soundcloud


Tiny house is OP-1 drums :boom::clap::boom::clap::boom::clap: & the organ sound heard throughout is chordion on iOS which was recorded into the OP-1 tape.

Any operators around who are song-writers looking to collaborate - Hit up my inbox! Looking to do more online collabs & love y’all TE folks.

great song! I really like it - love the changes around 1.40 with the aah’s and bass and then the ‘dugga dugga’ toms If you get what I mean?! It sound’s very alive and live. To my ears that’s very much because of the vocal layering and probably a natural roomverb in the actual recording?


You mean towards the end of the song?

The reverb is mostly plugins I think. There’s a bunch of vocal layers & I ran the two lead vocals individually through a plugin called manipulator which I played live with midi control.

I was saying 2 things but not so clearly sorry… that I really like some of the changes around the 1.40 mark onwards but that also the whole recording sounds alive and that I thought that was mostly because of how the vocals are recorded. It get’s elevated because of how the vocals sound and come across. To make a track like this with the OP-Z is impressive and refreshing.
Even though I’ve had an OP-Z for over a year now, not once have I used it in a recording. I really enjoy sitting down with it - like a meditation time instrument but it’s capable of so so much!!

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I did this one, Op-z + vocals on top.

Oh thanks so much, yeah the first real chord change happens after 1:40 :joy: before that it’s all G apart from the occasional C/G :joy:

Thanks so much for your kind words. There were many vocal layers that I left out of the final arrangement - we did more group parts, but the pitch was too awful hahah.

I used saturators on the vocals quite a bit. Fabfilter saturn mostly I think and PSP vintage warmer.

To be clear, the production was started on the opz, and then the full arrangement I put together in ableton. I’ve been working on moving between workflows without getting caught up on unimportant details.

Yeah I love the OP-Z. Keep rocking :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. I like the kalimba sample :open_hands: