Something like Samplr but with a Step Sequencer?

I’ve been enjoying Samplr synced with my OP-Z and playing with my samples and bits of field recordings in the app on my ipad mini, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend something a bit more step sequencey? I like Samplr, but I’m not exactly a performer, I like assembling tunes by step sequencing, not trying to spend ages trying to time things right. Also with Samplr I have to have all my samples and field recordings in one folder, which gets kinda unwieldy. Also I’d like to be able to trim samples and maybe normalize. Any ipad sampler/sequencer apps you would recommend? I’m also a big Sunvox user, but fancy trying something a bit different.

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Triqtraq is what you need.

Thanks, that does look cool. I’ll try out the free version when I get home.

Let us know what you think. It even has P-Locks!

ReSlice is worth a look as well!

To trim samples in samplr, you need to resample. try to explore how this works, it’s really actually super cool.