Something new coming next week?

can anyone help me understand if there is enough overlap between the new KO II and the OP-1 Field such that i wouldn’t really get much utility out of the KO II or alternatively are they different enough to really warrant the addition to the arsenal? :smiley:

At that price point, with that 64MB storage, it’s not for me.
The bulkier SP404mk2 will have to do!

Although I’m curious af about the OB-4 mention here

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Pro’s-it is maybe affordable

Cons- it is not a field firmware update, which is agonizing.


The fader for me

Very cool little journey for you then, huh. I’m glad a lot of you are stoked about this. The big news for me is that now I can confidently and unequivocally choose the OP-1 field. So come early next year I will be a happy TE owner too and I’ll be posting! Until then I’ll be reading and listening to you professionals.


Gotta say it’s a mixed feeling for me.

My wife just offered me a brand new SP404mk2 some weeks ago.
And the only gripe I’d have with the SP404 is the absence of onboard speaker. Which is minor since I usually have my op1f with me and can play through its speaker.
So I’ll be waiting for the rest of the EP family. And some op1f updates.

It seems like the sampling community is very happy with the pricing. And at 300$/350€, it’s a good deal.
Still. 64mb memory, no SD card.
Choices were made.

Glad to know that you made your choice and will be equipped real soon!
My advice : keep an eye on this forum. It’s helpful, instructive and can, at times, help make educated decisions.


Like their TP-7, I want this purely because it’s an awesome looking bit of kit. It looks 80’s. It looks Akai. It looks Fostex.
Luckily, I won’t be buying it because it doesn’t talk to me functionality wise, I’ve never been an MPC pad style sampler guy. I didn’t buy the TP-7 either incase you’re wondering - a Zoom H1n currently suffices well and I also have a Tascam DR-60MKII.

But yeah, this thing looks amazing. I’m sure those who it does speak to, are really gonna love it :slight_smile: