Song with only samples?

Is it possible to make a song with only samples? Are there limitations that do not make this possible? Thank you.

It’s very possible. Most of my stuff is 100 % samples.

For starters.

@Unflattered If you dont mind, can you go over your workflow? I’m debating on buying the OP1 and understand its limited but to what extent? Can you just keep overdubbing and adding more layers infinitely in each track? Also, do you know if you can keep bouncing tracks? Thanks. I appreciate it.

yes u can keep overdubbing on the 4 tape tracks, as well as bouncing.
there is no limit

there also is no official undo
but u can lift a track and it will store it in a saved buffer that u can keep dropping back
functioning as a level of undo

Low headroom means your dreams of infinite overdubs, will be realised, but they won’t sound like they do in a high def loop pedal, or in a DAW… I love the sound the op1 has, just be aware that it’s pretty lofi for the most part.

You can overdub without (much) fear on the OP-1 but it does tend to sound a bit “muddled” if you overdo it. (I know this from experience!). Sampling is so intuitive that the OP-1 totally lends itself to 100% sample-based tracks. Here are a couple of albums I’ve done that are more or less completely sample-based.

I mainly use the Op-1 with samples as well. It’s a great sampler & all tho there may be a few limitations, there are so many ways to do things & so many work arounds. Plus everything can be done quickly.

It def has it’s own sound, it’s own character & I really like it. I noticed that samples seem to go really well with the synths or even samples from different sources. I’m pretty sure the tape plays a role by gluing the sounds together, but I also noticed it’s pretty easy to find sounds that go well together, which I think is due to the Op-1 having it’s own sound.

I personally don’t really consider the Op-1 to be limiting, but off the top of my head, limitations: Tape is mono / Can be hard to find a zero crossing point when chopping / Limited memory (but still not bad, it has more memory than I originally thought).

1 thing I love about the Op-1 is it is completely different than my other gear, which makes me go about things differently.

If you are interested in workflow there are TONS of demos on Youtube, by watching Youtube videos I knew how to use the Op-1 before even getting it.
I know “Op-1 German Style” uses a lot of samples & shows his workflow in his videos.

I’d be interested in hearing the TC’s other music, so I can get a clearer picture of the type of sound he / she is striving for.