Sonic Charge Microtonic for PO-20 Arcade sounds?

Has anyone ever tried to use the sonic charge microtonic software to recreate the original PO-20 arcade sounds? As the microtonic has a similar character (imho), and the PO-20 Arcade has been designed, after the release of the PO-32 Tonic, I wonder, if they created the sounds with microtonic.
I know, that the PO-20 Arcade has different effects and chord mode, but it would be interesting, if it would be possible to put the Arcade sound on the PO-32 with transfer.

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Anyone? I think, that I have to try it myself (though I don´t have the arcade. Maybe with some help of the sounds I get from youtube).

I don’t believe they are much related.
The PO-32 can do a lot, especially if you have Microtonic, but designed for drums. It doesn’t mean you can’t do other sounds, but I doubt you can turn a PO-32 into a PO-20, not even close.

Would gladly be proven the contrary though.

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I have both, the Arcade really does seem just completely different the Tonic, but I’m sure you emulate some of the arcade sounds

Certainly you could emulate some of the sounds. However you’d lose the drone and the chords function, which are the superpower of the PO-20. Being able to just alter chord progressions instantly is amazing on the little thing.

It would be good as a lead style device like the PO-27 or the Megaman I suppose, but not having the chord or drone can leave the sound empty.

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