Sound Clipping Issue?

Howdy y’all! I’ve got a bit of a problem that’s been plaguing me for sometime:

So I’ve had my Operator-1 for sometime now, and I love messing with. But I notice that the device will make clipping or popping sounds from time to time, no matter if the output source is coming from its on-board speakers, or an external ones. Does this happen with anyone else? Does my hardware have serious issues? I would like to record something perfectly, but the clipping/popping sounds always ruin it.

It may be the orange level control on Tape page.This sets our synth volume level.

Unfortunately that’s one of the most well-known and worst problems that these devices have. TE refers to them as “Ghost Clicks”. There are two major causes - 1) recording to a loop where transients bleed from the end of the loop back into the beginning, and 2) appearing randomly at the end of lifted tape clips.

The only ways around it are to either record loops where there is no sound at the very beginning or end of the loop, or to just through-record everything. I’ve successfully recorded “clickless” loops in the past but as soon as you overdub another layer or move the clip, it tends to get ruined.

If I could sit there and record a drone loop just like any other DAW I would be in total bliss. Maybe there will have a fix line up for the next OS update, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. Honestly, I would take that single bugfix over any other future update/addition to the OS. It would exponentially increase productivity and reduce frustration (but that’s just me).