Sound error

So i took OP-1 to the repair shop after the pony ifixit connector board broke after 3 days. The headphone connector became loose because it was machine soldered and extremely weak and shoddy (to quote the guy in the repair shop). So i thought yay its fixed but of course NO. The sound now comes out of the crappy OP-1 speaker but nothing from headphones. Happy days. Is this board fixable, somehow? Has anyone else had a similar issue? It seems the ifixits are out of stock. Any other options apart from using it as a door stop or flogging it?

was there no sound out of the speaker before?
is there still sound out of the speaker when u plug a cable into the output?
did u try different cables?

No sound out of the speaker before.

Still sound from the speaker with headphones plugged to output

well thats a start then. why not take it back to the repair shop and explain? or is that not an option?

if i were to guess i’d say the jack is not sensing the cable being plugged in
and switching the speaker off and headphone output on.

maybe try plugging the cable in and out many times to see if u can trip it again?

Nope nothing.

Extremely annoying that only one company makes the replacement boards and the quality is extremely poor. ANd to top things off - they are out of stock!

Door stop it is (until we are lucky enough to buy another crap replacement board from ishit)

So the dude at the repair shop gave it back to you stating he fixed it? If so, did it work when you first got it?

I saw somewhere in this forum (maybe it was an older os) that if you switch the power off while using the speaker, when turning it back on, even if you have headphones plugged in, it still goes out the speaker. I can’t remember what you need to do to reset it, but maybe do a search in this forum (or if someone else knows please chime in).

Maybe update the os? It could reset something… Worth a try.

If it was my Op-1, I would do a bunch of research/trouble shooting to see if I could fix it myself &/or I would take it back to the repair shop. Until it was fixed, I would play with it using the speaker (make sounds, rhythms, get field recordings with the mic, ect, ect, ect) then I’d dump the tape onto my laptop via usb, so I can use whatever I made in my other samplers (or DAW if you use a DAW). Not the best way to use it, but it’s better than a doorstop.

Good luck!

All fixed

Thankfully I still had the original IO board. I put that back in with the loose input chip and (temporarily) wedged in back in using 2 little pieces of an old credit card. Amazingly it works. Kicking myself for the faff and expense of a replacement board and paying £15 for the soldering. I really should get the loose chip on the old board soldered back but after today’s experience - maybe not lol

So anyhow, if your input breaks - try wedging it back with a little bit of credit card on top and seal it back up

i’m confused when u say input chip? u mean an actual chip? or the input jack?

also just a guess but if u can wedge it, u can prolly solder it back for a more solid solution