Sound like oneohtrix point never

Hello all! anybody know how to get oneohtrix Point Never esque sounds and textures on op-1?

Would like to know this for op-z too :grin:

What kind of sounds are you referring to exactly? Could you drop examples?

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What part of his career are you trying to emulate? OP1/Field seems good for everything up through Replica, maybe some of R+ 7; but already on this record and certainly by the time of Garden of Delete he is relying a lot more on computerized modulation and DAW composition.

The piano tracks on Replica were composed AFAIK with an SP-555 - very linear sample-based workflow which Drum on OP1/Field is more or less perfect for.

The signature instrument of the early work is Roland Juno, can’t remember which. OP1 synth engines should be able to emulate some of that sound.