Quite interesting post at Elektronauts about an collaborative creation from samples of real world sounds...

I think it might interest some people here.
And maybe Nicolas would come here and explain his project..

Thanks for introducing me @lyingdalai :slight_smile:

SOUNDHUNTERS ( is an incredible music project. It’s a collaborative and creative project who turn sounds from our daily life into music. We have created a stunning website where people can share sounds recorded with our REC app (iOS only for now). There is also a music machine who create in few seconds stunning loops and rythm. It’s generative music created by the machine with sounds recorded in real time all over the world by the audience. It’s a little bit crazy but it works well :slight_smile: We are still in beta but in few weeks we will make the project available for Android and all the creative process not only for desktop but also for mobile/tablet app.

Hi Op-1 users!

I'm the creator of the SOUNDHUNTERS project ( SOUNDHUNTERS is an interactive documentary experience which aims to turn sounds from our daily life into music. Our dream : the world as an infinite instruments.

The project
As you will discover, the project offer the audience some films but also some tools to capture sounds and generate stunning loops & music with our "CREATE" free software. This machine is crazy. It generates randomly music with samples from users (free database) from all over the world. It's very inspiring! and a very good tool to feed your Op-1!! The machine never stop to generate an evolving music... when you like what you hear, you can save the preset (called Track) and listen it again later.

Here are some tracks (preset) created by users (LINK)
You can also access to our free sample database (2000 sounds) recorded with our REC app (iOS) by users in real-time all over the world.

The Challenge : I would like to know if there are some Op-1 Users, who will be interest to to try to use this free "music generator" and maybe try to re-sample it with the machine to create a kind of music performance (by video) ?

We can offer a good audience (with arte and other communication partners) to users who want to try the challenge. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.