Speaker options

Hey everyone.

I’ve just gone out and bought a portable Bluetooth speaker to connect to my OP-Z, but only to find out you can’t connect them via Bluetooth. Is that correct?

Do I need a speaker that has a 3.5mm jack or something else? It would seem that the majority of modern speakers are Bluetooth only.

How are you guys connecting to portable speakers?

BT audio streaming is not supported by the OP-Z at this moment (or ever).

You would need a 3.5mm to bluetooth transmitter device. I haven’t tested these so have no recommendations.

I would recommend the JBL bluetooth speaker line. While you can’t connect your op-z to it over bluetooth you can sync multiple speakers over bluetooth. The sound quality is good enough for me and there are several different sizes available.

A friend of mine is into FPV drones and invited me to come hang out at a meetup. We were in an abandoned cement factory that was covered in graffiti. One piece was a speaker box on a old stump of concrete. It looked like the perfect place so to set up the speaker and op-z for a jam. A couple other people there also JBL speakers. One smaller and one larger. They synced the other two to my speaker that the op-z was plugged into and the sound filled up the space well.

The down side is there is a slight bit of lag. The speakers audio is in sync, but there is a slight lag from the device to the speakers when multiple speakers are synced over Bluetooth. It’s a problem when scratching with a portable turntable or trying to play drums or a melody live, but if you are just playing back pre-made loops it’s totally fine. I can use the lights on the op-z to judge timing for punch in fx. Sequencing a new beat with the lag is fine, but playing in live is a no go.

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