Speculation: Will the Playdate make music?

We know that the analogue pocket will have a built in sequencer and synthesizer, but . . . What about the playdate?

With the playdate having a headphone out and an open source platform for making “games”, isn’t it only a matter of time before we get a sequencer for chip tune music programmed for the handheld?


playdate is like ear 1. they hired teenage engineering to do the design. but for the rest it has nothing to do with operators or making music. playdate can barely release enough games. yes, its possible that eventually they will make a music sequencer, but by that time playdate will probably be outdated tech. just speculating.

It looks like the SDK is still private for now, but as soon as it’s public, looking through the audio section should make the answer obvious. :wink:

Turned my attention to the music zone in Playmaker today. Works like a Kikkerland 15 music box but with instruments. Still much to do, but here’s a little tune for your timeline. 🎵🎈 (note: this is heavily used early Playdate dev hardware. 🙂) pic.twitter.com/E9DQYBmPRa

— Dustin Mierau (@dmierau) April 19, 2021
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Love it!

I’m 100% certain it will have some access to music making functionality, if nothing else through contributed software. Here’s a brief demo Devine Lin Luvega posted the other day of uxn (the small OS that 100rabbits makes which runs things like Orca sequencer ) running on a playdate device: Uxn - Playdate - YouTube

Between stuff like @flom posted above and this one I randomly came across the other day, I’m sure there are plenty of folks working on music trackers and stuff for playdate.

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If someone could create LSDJ for the Gameboy, then surely there will be music-making possibilities on the Playdate

yes, the playdate will make music.