Split a bar and place in exact same place

Hi guys quick question from a complete newbie to you op geniuses out there.

If…for example i want to cut (scissor tool) an audio segment on tape say for example 3/4 of the way through the bar, how do i place it in exact same place, or another place where it will be bang in time in another bar? i know there are bar markers but is there any way of getting beat markers to show? or is it just done by ear? Can you nudge audio left and right for example to get it right?

Any help would be most appreciated!

just got it, blue encoder to shift left/right

I didn’t know that! Shift+blue in tape actually shifts the segment…

There’s a trick to create a segment that’s a fixed fraction of a bar long and use that to accurately place other segments. Had something to do with the 6-tape-trick-key but I can’t find the thread anymore.

Could reproduce it: Turn looping off. Position the record head somewhere on a marker. In tape mode hold down 6 and record and then press play while still holding down the other keys. Keep pressing the 6 key. The tape will wiggle back and forth a tiny bit. After a few iterations press stop. This will give you a segment that’s 1/16 of a bar. Lift and drop that tiny segment to advance the tape head by this amount. Together with Shift+3 (loop mode) and the stop key you can position the tape exactly at the offset of one such segment.

With the Shift+Blue function you mentioned above you can also move a segment to the end of such a tiny segment to position it exactly. Very nifty.