Split keyboard control of 2 patches or 2 synths

I’d like to use the keyboard split capability on my controller keyboard (a CZ-5000) to either control 2 different patches (on an OP-1 for example) or 2 separate synths. What is the normal way to do this? I can route via Logic Pro X or Mainstage if necessary. Would it be normal to assign 2 groups of notes to different MIDI outs? Or get the keyboard to assign different MIDI channels either side of the split point? Or something else?

Sorry - this is probably a very dumb question. But I know you guys are ‘gentle experts’.


Different channels either side of the split point would be the way to go.

Thanks @ghostly606. Now to find out if my CZ-5000 will do that… :slight_smile:


By the way, you can only play one patch a time on the OP1.

Yes - thx. I was thinking more in terms of controlling the OP-1 and JP-8.


Please report back on whether the CZ 5000 will do this. I just picked one up!

You could use the drum sampler. One note could be pitched across however many keys you want. Then the rest of the sample can be w/e else you want. I fear this may be limited to two octaves like the op1’s keyboard.

I realize this isn’t exactly what you asked for but its an interesting technique. I appreciate your idea which gave me a fun mental excersize.

@GCF - the CZ-5000 will not send MIDI to multiple channels dependent upon key split. You’d have to have something in the middle (like a DAW or intelligent MIDI hub) routing to channels based upon predefined note groups.

As a matter of interest - where did you buy your CZ-5000? How much did you pick it up for? What sort of condition is it in? Anything needing attended to on it? I absolutely love mine. Best wishes with it.


@cloudburst Ah that makes sense. It sounds like the hardware you are looking for is the now-discontinued MIDIPal from Mutable Instruments. The MIDIGal is based on this (it is open source), but I can’t tell if this feature is supported. He had something called MIDIBud first, which was very similar to the MIDIPal.


I got my CZ-5000 at a local pawn shop in Lafayette, CO (near Boulder/Denver). It was $60 after having been marked down numerous times. It functions, but is is rough condition. There are some missing button caps and the power cord was swapped out for a lamp cord. I’ll fix it up once I have some space and print some buttons when I get a 3D printer. If you have any patch management recommendations or anything like that, let me know. I just got the CZ a few weeks ago and have not dug in yet. Thanks!

Enjoy it!

Here’s an advert in the UK for replacement switch caps.

Regarding patch management, I don’t back them up to software. I just store them as presets in banks C and D and transfer them between my CZ-101 and CZ-5000 using the RAM pack. I’ve still got an old cassette recorder so I must investigate using that at some time :slight_smile:

On the subject of intelligent routing, thanks, I’ll look into those links, however I use Logic Pro X which I’m sure would also do the job.