Squeaky Key...Send for Repair?

Preface: My OP-1 has under 12 hours of usage. It still has plenty of time on the 1-year warranty.

My bottom-most keyboard key developed an intermittent squeak last night. It doesn’t do it every time, but it was the first I had heard it. I then looked at surface-level and noticed that the particular key does not sit at the same (un-depressed) height as the rest of the keys.

Recommendations? I don’t know whether to send it back now since it’s not broken yet per se. However, I don’t know if it’s an indicator of other potential problems, since the unit is so new (and I’ve read varying reports on quality control).

I love the OP-1, I just want it to last (as much as possible).

I probably wouldn’t worry about it. Can we see a pic of how “out of level” it is all the same? It’s likely nothing major*

*i take no responsibility if your OP-1 bursts into flames or otherwise stops working when you prod the key and/or ignore it

I’ll upload a picture when I’m off work tonight. If this makes any sense: the un-depressed key in question rests flush with the frame of the OP-1 (whereas the rest of the keys are normal height – a couple cm’s above the frame of the unit).

Here’s a picture (it’s the leftmost keyboard key)…though you may be on to something about it being nothing. I noticed when taking the picture that other keys in the keybed are also not even with others. Who knows…

key pic

Maybe it’s not attached correctly. I had one like that (after I dropped it :O), I pressed it down firmly and evenly and it clicked back into place. The other option is to pop the key off and reseat it. They’re attached like old school computer keys.

I had this problem with my OP-1 when I received it.

One key felt a bit flappy and also looked to be below the height of the others.

I popped the key off and one of the parts where the little clip fitted on had broken on the key itself.

I sent a support ticket to TE and they send me a replacement key.