Stage Setup, and Questions


I’ve been using the Op1 as a secondary instrument to play live within my gig setup- I play Guitar and sing for the majority of the set (Post-punk/Doom genre). I have the op1 audio being sent to the desk for monitoring and output via Dual Passive DI. This all nicely fits onto a Gravity tray attached to my Mic stand. All this means is, I can play simple synth presets/samples and pre-recorded drones via tape and album. And being that the op1 has a great battery life, I was able to tour with this tiny setup compared to my guitar rig without even charging it for 6 shows… Love this setup up, however.

I have a new project coming up (hopefully when Lockdown ends) which requires more accurate key playing along with guitar, and I really, really DO NOT WANT to lug my Prophet rev2 along to shows unless I have no other choice. The whole reason for buying TE products was for their portability.

So I’ve been messing around with my OPZ connected directly to the Arturia Keystep to go along with my Op1 setup. I bought a small usb powered mixer also to help with the output. The problem I’m having right now is OPZ batterry getting quickly drained by powering the Keystep. Our set is roughly 45 mins and while the Op1 chuggs away fine, the OPZ will last half of the set before being drained fully. Admittedly, I find it hard hard with tech side of synths, especially having to scour forums and threads to find out what works midi and power wise with TE product and endless endless adapters…

I really don’t have time mid set to decouple and charge the OPZ between songs as I’m doing quite a lot on stage already.

TLDR- My question are:

Are there other Musicians on this forum who use TE products Live, aside from Electronic Genres?

What’s your setup like?

Is there a small portable, product I’m overlooking to power my OPZ AND allow midi connectivity to my Keystep.


powered USB hub would prolly do get ya there i’d think
u could also power they keystep from the dc jack too right?

Yes - Keep it portable by powering Keystep via DC jack using a power bank and MyVolts Ripcord USB to DC adapter.

Thanks for replying, I’ll get on to that straight away.

Thank you for replying, looking into these products now.