Stand Hack for OP-1 / EP 133 K.O. II

In case anyone’s interested, I just wanted to show a Stand Hack for an OP-1 and a K.O. II. *with some caveats.

The OP-1 is in a stand bought from Etsy that was made to support an OP-Z above the OP-1.

I’ve bought and attached (using cable ties) an Amazon Basics Laptop stand to support the K.O. II. I’ve not tried it out yet as my wife bought the K.O. as a Christmas gift, so unable to try it out together. Not entirely sure the angle will work for me. The Caveat is that I’m using an attachment / swivel keyboard shelf that’s approximately 3 inches lower than the main desk area. So the OP-Z holder is resting on the main desk edging, which will stop the whole thing tipping backwards once the weight of the K.O. II is applied….or will it??

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Doesn’t work so well when using more pressure with the punch in effects.

But the Amazon Basics stand is decent enough directly on a desktop.