Standalone USB Midi host with Raspberry Pi Zero

I ran across this project to build a standalone USB MIDI host/hub: USB HOST midi interface with Raspberry Zero I ordered the pieces and put it all together and it works great. It is tiny and costs less than $50 for everything. Plug in your USB MIDI gear, turn on the power and they are all automatically connected to each other. Excellent for live performance/jams where you don’t want to/can’t use a laptop, don’t have space, etc. Runs off USB power, so you need a 5v micro USB power brick (cellphone charger), or can run easily off a power bank.


Awesome. Does it work reliably with the OP1?

Always had problems getting my Teensy 3.6 as USB host and the OP1 work nicely together.

can it take drivers? looking for a host for my rc-505.

Sorry for the long delay in my reply. I have used it with my OP-1 but not extensively, and because of the insanity going on in the world today, I cannot try stressing it right now. I can say that it worked with various things I tried and that, since its Linux, you can almost always get something working. I’m sorry I can’t give you more confidence than this, but it “just worked” with everything I plugged into it. Cheers!

This is an embedded, stand-alone device based on Raspberian Linux. The only “drivers” involved are entirely Linux related and not something you would normally deal with. I took a look at the RC-505’s user manual online, and it would seem to me, from that, it should “just work”. Your 505 lets you tweak the MIDI settings such that you should be able to get it working easily with, e.g., and external USB MIDI keyboard or control surface. You wouldn’t need any vendor drivers for this, nor would any be usable in this embedded device. Hope this helps!

Here’s a picture of the finished build.