Standard just got an OP-1 post.

Hey everyone! I just got an OP-1 and I must say, I’m in love already. Some music will be forthcoming once I’ve figured it out. I’m sure it won’t be long with all the wonderful information available here.

Keep tweaking and I’ll see you in cyberspace!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hey, cool : have fun mate !

Same here! I’m doing my very best to not annoy you all with my thousands of questions. (Not even one level of Undo?Seriously?) I’m in the learning curve, but having fun.

@ritualdevice yep, no undo! We’ve all felt that early pain :smiley:

Once you treat it like what it is trying to emulate (magnetic tape) you will realise the reasoning behind the “no undo”: it is replicating the “destructive editing” of working with tape! Definitely takes a bit of getting used to. The only “trick” to use as a kind of undo is using the lift/drop features to hold something within tape. Definitely read through the tips n tricks thread for more, err, tips and tricks…

@mannimal @ritualdevice welcome aboard, glad you’re enjoying your OP’s :slight_smile: it’s a weird little box. Always spits out something cool/takes you somewhere unexpected :slight_smile: